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The Seekers of Genesis: Empyreal Roots

Available now on Amazon.

C. J. Walters is extremely excited to share her debut novel, the first of five books in the series.

Book Description:

Explore the roots of humankind through the actions of two teenage aliens as they influence our history in this magical journey of courage, failure, and triumph.

When immortal twins Villow and Dameaon Verchant reach their sixteenth year, they are required to choose Paths to fulfill their purpose. Villow is prepared to become a Guide Seeker, to shape a world and its citizens, far away from his twin. But Dameaon changes his mind at the last minute, switching from a Soldier Seeker to a Guide. To avert disaster, the twins are assigned as co-Guides, tasked with re-creating humanity.

With their fates unequivocally linked, Villow and Dameaon must prove that mankind is inherently good, or humankind will be destroyed and the twins will be banished—or annihilated. With disagreements and failures at every stage, their last chance lies in Ancient Greece. But through their own reckless actions, the twins bring forth the Trojan War, causing more problems than even the gods can solve.

Perfect for fans of creation sci-fi like Waiting for the Galactic Bus and the writings of Octavia Butler, The Seekers of Genesis combines fantasy, science, and mythology to create a unique history of mankind.

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